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Through talent management, you can have the complete peace of mind that you will be paired with the perfect candidates. The team at Human Capital Ventures have refined a selection of solutions, which can either assist one area of your recruitment or fully manage the entire process.

Regardless of whether you outsource your efforts to us or opt for just one managed service, both options will be available company-wide, across all role types and geographical areas. You can choose to enlist our expertise in both permanent recruitment or contingent/contract staffing and in return, reap a plethora of benefits. Not only will you notice a dramatic reduction in the time spent filling positions, but roles will only be filled with those who will help your business to thrive through a niche skillset. Together, this helps to create a more efficient, enjoyable candidate experience, which will boost your reputation and protect your brand.

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Tailored Talent Management Solutions

Having worked with leading brands for several years, we understand that it is not the case that “one size fits all.” It is for this reason that we piece together individually tailored solutions to fulfil the needs of your business, working as an ambassador for your brand. Our solutions are scalable, which will grow alongside your company while continually streamlining a consistent recruitment process. In light of this, the areas we can provide support in are as follows:

  • Onsite, partial or remote presence
  • Single point of supply (Account Management, Invoice aggregation etc.)
  • Second-tier supplier management
  • Recruitment process engineering (in accordance with best practice)
  • Compliant legal framework and staff procurement model
  • Branded recruitment campaigns
  • Social media and alumni management
  • Background checking and Pre-employment screening
  • Recruitment cost reduction and contingent workforce migrations
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Our clients are at the heart of our services, and we pride ourselves in their success.

5 Stars

Really Well Managed

"Excellent service and friendly consultants, what more could you ask for! Really enjoyed working with the team and our new employee has settled in nicely. After using these services, I would highly recommend them to all companies."

- Client
5 Stars

A Friendly Team

"Human Captial Venture is great for taking time out of recruitment! Because the team are well versed in the process and our industry, it meant that we had to do little yet they still managed to find really good candidates for our growing team. We are still expanding the team so are working closely with our consultant, but have so far found the process to be really pleasant."

- Client
5 Stars

Really Impressed

"After using Human Capital Ventures to help us find an employee and being pleasantly surprised by their work, we decided to invest in their services to help us create a completely new team. With little experience in what qualities the candidates needed for the role, we put our trust in our consultant and were not disappointed by the outcome. Fantastic work!"

- Client

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