Top 4 Online Training Programmes

If you are an individual who has been within a line of industry for some time and is now looking for a new adventure, or whether you wish to brush up on an existing skill which may open doors to a potential promotion, there are plenty of resources to allow you to do this.

Human Capital Ventures has compiled 4 personal favorite platforms to help you develop your career!

1) LinkedIn Learning

Everyone’s favorite or pet-hate professional social network now has its own skills development platform, where experts in business, tech and creative reveal some of the secrets of their respective trades. Courses range from general productivity, time management, and cost management, to more career-specific skills such as attracting candidates using social media, proactive recruiting strategies and diversity recruiting. You can opt to watch by video or commit to a whole course.


Lynda is a LinkedIn initiative, offering 6,213 courses across the technology, creative skills and business sectors. The web-based platform consists of video presentations from some of the some of the World’s most inspirational leaders, with courses on everything from business etiquette and technical recruiting, to understanding HR systems and working on a cross-functional team. It also includes Learning Paths, a curated selection of videos that are designed to boost your skills or get ahead in your career.

3) New Skills Academy

Whether you are looking for a Microsoft Accreditation or a Team Skills certificate, The New Skills Academy has a comprehensive range of courses that will stand your CV out from the competition. The browser-based platform offers an impressive 200 courses at present, all of which can be studied at your own speed without having to adhere to deadline dates.

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4) Udemy

Udemy is a Global education marketplace which aims to help technical professionals master news skills which can allow them to branch out into different areas of IT, design or marketing. With a selection of over 55,000 courses across the creative industries, Udemy courses feature a series of videos which can be watched at your own pace.