It’s important to understand that interview nerves are normal…

Like most common fears, interview nerves are very irritating and can arrive at the wrong time!

Here are the tips you should follow to make those nerves disappear:

1) Personal Confidence

You must take time to understand what benefits you can offer to the business. These can be your personal skills, knowledge and experience.

Think about what your motivation is for the position and why you believe you deserve the opportunity.

Consider what strengths you have that would complement the company and position well?

Once you understand what you have to offer to the company you can walk into the interview with confidence.

2) Trust Yourself

If you have carried out research & diligence of the company, gathered around 5 sharp facts and have thoroughly read through the job specification then you are good to go.

If you are prepared and know what the role entails, it’s now time to relax and trust yourself.

3) Focus on YOU

Third and finally, don’t put pressure on yourself by comparing yourself to other candidates you may see applying for the same position as you – whether you know them or not. Ensure you focus on yourself only, what you have to offer them and why you are a fantastic investment.